Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Post No Bills

It's easy to be blinded by the beauty. The hypnotic beat can be hard to ignore. Hey, I've got it- let's give in to it all. Call in well. Leave your phone at home. 

Seems I've boasted of loving hard. Maybe it's like talking loud. Maybe it's all about the purity. 

There are so many creatures out there who need your love. I would ask what you have to lose but that line is taken.

I heard a fellow on the radio yesterday reminding us that the people have never declared war or made peace. I think it was Bernie Sanders portraying Eugene V. Debs. Well, let those blowhards fight their damned wars. Me? I'd love to see Cheney and Rumsfeld climb into the ring in black tights and flowing robes. 

Call me when you've got the "good war."

Hey, congress- how high's the water?

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