Sunday, September 25, 2016

Teaching Shame

It has taken me this long but I think I'm finally beginning to understand the whole garden of Eden thing. Oh, I know that the bible is intended for everyone to understand. All of those books are. That's the point. Turns out that not only am I half-witted, I'm slow-witted, too. Dang!

We're not guilt ridden with shame until we learn what we're supposed to feel guilty about. Look at that, will you? I ended another sentence with a preposition and I feel guilty about it.

Once again the bonobos seem to have it right. Kind natured and gentle, these small great apes, pardon the contradiction in terms, settle dispute with sexual contact. They do pretty much everything with sexual contact. They won't put up with aggressive behavior and that's about it. Oh, I should mention again that bonobo society is dominated by females.

Make love, not war. If bonobos drove cars every Buick would have a bumper sticker.

Me? I want to live like Little Richard or Gandhi. Or the bonobos.

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