Friday, September 23, 2016

My Stuff

Rickenbackers, hot rods, Tiffany, first editions, Rock-Olas and Icarts. I've run out of stuff to want. Maybe I should have wanted more, huh? Now at this juncture I recognize that all that ever really mattered was that unconditional love that spoiled me as a kid.

Hardly a world traveller, I have seen much of Europe. I've bodysurfed in Hawaii. I pet stray dogs and laughed with schoolchildren in Havana. That was a long time ago when it was difficult to get there. I realize that there's no place like home. I don't leave my neighborhood unless I have to.

My heart I've given freely. Too often by most measures. Way too often. These days I recognize the void in this world for a bigger love. A universal love. As I watch our nation ripped in half on cable news I'm profoundly aware that all you need is love. Our presidential politics would seem to indicate that we're not moving in that direction.

The most that I can do is give myself to the fight. That love that I received as a kid- it's time to give it back. Life sure is simple when you can see through the fog.

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