Sunday, May 8, 2016

Rhumba Beat Bright Pink

Whatever love that Marilyn felt, it must have seemed as though was slipping away with her youth and fame. She was on a path to becoming Norma Jeane again. Of course being "Marilyn" had never really filled the void. How could it? Of course it beat poverty, loneliness, abuse.

One of the most indelible memories etched in my mind comes from an interview with Elvis that I read in 1956. I was nine years old. Not much made much of an impression on me at that point in life. "Sometimes I get lonely in the middle of a crowd."

In 1960 Elvis returned from Germany and Frank Sinatra helped give him a hero's welcome. He was still our first and only king and he was back on his throne. By the middle of the '70's he was irrelevant in pop culture. Fickle stuff. Father Time with some help from a British Invasion had taken everything.

In both cases drugs had helped ease the pain until they became a big part of the problem.

Heroes die of broken hearts just like everybody else.

You would think that there would be enough love to go around.

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