Friday, May 27, 2016

Crying Over Spilled Beans

The height of arrogance, I suppose, would be to assume that you were able to accept everything as it is. Everything.

Me? I'm appalled at every injustice. I cry for every wounded bird. I wring my hands over inequality. I wear my heart on my sleeve and I smash it more often than a cheap Timex. I know that somehow I'm responsible for every stray dog's sad life.

Now that I tell you all this let me add that I'm a glass half-full optimist, too.

The ones who have shown me love have made it a grand life. I surely hope that I have played some small role in lighting someone else's world. Open your arms and your heart and your mind. Sometimes in this old world we seem to act as though there's something embarrassing about love and something noble about conflict and competition.

I don't claim to know much but I can teach this course.

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