Wednesday, May 18, 2016

No Club, Lone Wolf

Set in my ways? Maybe. Stubborn? Always have been. As it slowly dawns on me that the world has no interest in what I declare right or wrong, I find myself listening for the cadence of "my own drum."

As long as children go to bed hungry, terrified of bombs; so long as sick people in this rich nation are denied medical attention and essential medicine; while we can find resources to finance wars across the world but can't fund education- I won't be hopping up and down chanting, "USA, USA!"

Don't misunderstand me. I surely don't believe that our government should be run based on my whims. I do believe, fervently however, that only two political parties make the decisions that run the game of politics and government in this country. I don't believe that either of them represent me or my interests or, for that matter, the interests of the majority of the citizens here.

My Church of the Living Swing, inherited from Lord Buckley, is open seven days a week, twenty four hours a day. You're all welcome, any time. What's right is right. You probably don't need a court to tell you what that is.

Love is the real currency and it's not just plentiful- it's everywhere, in abundance. Show off with it. Flaunt it. Try to waste it. Let those others fight and scuffle over the green paper and the wars. They're not the boss of us.

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