Sunday, November 1, 2015

Teach Me Tonight

So, did I ever tell you about the time that my pal, Sam Baker, and I did a songwriting workshop? It was in Okemah, Oklahoma for the Woody Guthrie Festival. They charged good money for this thing! Luckily, the dough, as I recall, was going to the Huntington's Disease Foundation and that probably prevented a couple dozen curious dupes from rioting, demanding refunds and hurting me and my buddy.

I seem to remember something about Sam watching old movies on TV and then dreaming lyrics from them. Well, I just thought that was nuts and, of course, it was. Meanwhile I was babbling something about LSD and mail-order catalogs, pretty sure that I was making enough sense for the two of us.

Why on earth didn't they round up a couple of presentable characters who actually sell some songs. Don't get me wrong; Sam Baker is one of the finest songwriters that I know of and one of my favorite human beings. He doesn't forget to tell you that he loves you. I'm always proud to be associated with the likes of Sam.

Truth be told, I don't think you can tell anybody how to write a song. You just write.

That's my free advice for today. I love you and I'm pretty sure that Sam loves you, too.

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