Friday, November 20, 2015

Spinach In My Pipe

If the world is perfect, and who am I to suggest otherwise, why is there suffering? I look around and see enough food to feed the planet and yet I see children starving. It's obvious to folks like me that there is medicine to ease pain and cure disease that is withheld from sick people due to greed. 

There are foreclosed properties in all our major cities, empty houses. Those same cities teem with homeless men, women and children. Mentally ill men, women and children are among them. 

We destroy dogs and cats by the thousands every day while we sell puppies and kittens with papers at pet stores in malls. 

We interfere with governments around the world if we perceive that our economy is compromised. In the meantime we arm both sides in skirmishes all around the globe.

In our rush to dominate nature we push the planet beyond precedent. Before I'm gone we're likely to have seen our last polar bear, wild elephant, tiger, panther, white rhino. At the same time we destroy our atmosphere with methane from cow flatulence on inhumane farms. We degrade our water quality with runoff from nightmarish pig farms.

Our culture puts enough food in dumpsters every single day to feed everybody who needs something to eat.

Now you try to tell me that all this and all the rest can't be fixed with love.


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