Thursday, November 5, 2015

Free For All, Free Us All

Biology + physics = love.

That's all there is. We're nothing but vessels for the genes. Well, I shouldn't say nothing but. It's a pretty heady vehicle. I'm not aggressive. These genes end with me. 

Let's make magic. There are colors that we haven't seen and sounds that haven't been within our range of hearing. Jamaica hears them. There is beauty everywhere and joy is right in front of you.

If there is a design here, explain heartache and suffering to me. Please. I surely wish I believed in heaven but I sure am glad I don't believe in hell.

Looks like they've all got something to sell and I'll buy anything. Here- scooch up to me.


  1. If the genes end with you... I suggest it may stress the importance of what you say and the thoughts they convey.

  2. I better like getting old or I am in a lot of trouble !! ;)