Monday, November 9, 2015

How Do It Know?

Let's just agree to not speak of folks in negative terms. Well, except Dick Cheney. Maybe old whatsername, too. 

Kindness will always take the day. These days of politics in the U.S. make it hard to keep the spirit up. Oh, it will be over but no time soon. Then it will start over. Bad guys will take the game. Every time.

Keep finding new games. They can't take love. Oh, sure, Hallmark can print all the valentine cards they want but they can't sell them in July.

That was once the promise of rock'n'roll. All art, for that matter. They can market Taylor Swift and they can promote The Voice but they can't copyright the joy of a wop bop a loo bop. 

You know what they do best? War. That's their most lucrative endeavor. Ike warned us. They're not the boss of us.

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