Friday, November 27, 2015

Feel Too Much

My memories of the term "anarchist" go back to the seventh grade. They scared us with the idea that there were evil folks on the planet who didn't believe in the concept of law and order. According to my civics teacher, any one of these nuts might assassinate the president or some other world leader at any minute, throwing us into world war. Matching this horrific description with the image of tall, husky men with long, dark beards from old Three Stooges shorts, I had a new obsession. I could add this fear to mad dogs, commies, atheists and child abductors. Of course the atomic bomb still ruled all fear. That and the devil, himself.

Well, I have to admit, I'm no anarchist. I want to be. I've noticed, though, the speed that folks travel on back roads when there are no cops around. Security cameras roll everywhere because that same kid who took your wallet while you were dressed out at P.E. will now snatch a little old lady's purse at the mall.

For the most part, people are wonderful. For the most part.

Naiveté is still my strong point but I have figured out that the bad guys run governments. Record labels, too. Banks, the petroleum industry, pharmaceuticals, insurance companies, churches, the NFL.

Wait, what? Churches?

Yeah, present an opportunity for power and money and the greedy will want in.

Happy holidays. Love hard.

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