Sunday, August 17, 2014

Wake Up, Kid

All I got, all I want is some sign that you care if I live or I die. Whew. This road's rough out here. Roundin' up ferrel kittens at the abandoned station in Okemah has worn me out; taught me lessons. Me? I'm on the wagon, on the mend. Send love if you've got it to spare.

Wear chartreuse or magenta if you get the chance. Don't ever be tricked into the beige family or, worse yet, the taupes.  Shout bam a lama, bam a loo.

Keep an eye on me, buddy. I've got lessons to learn and sermons to preach. I'll tell you about the secrets of rock'n'roll if you'll cuddle with me. 

Sometimes it's in 3/4. That's even sadder. Love just as hard as you can. You won't regret it. Have I ever lied to you? Love from Florida.

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