Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Happy Lottery

Rich? Yeah, I suppose that would be okay. Oh, I know all about how hard it would be for me to get into heaven. It's no shoo-in as it is. Famous? Well, I guess I wouldn't mind. My social life would pick up a bit. Happy? Hey, now we're talking! 

Here's what we're gonna do. I'm starting, right here and right now, a Happy Lottery. You kiss someone around you right now. You win! How easy was that? Tell somebody you love them. Mean it. Show them. You both win.

What do you want from me? No, I mean really. I'll write you a song. I'll sing it for you. Or not. This is my version of Kickstarter. Who needs them? You send me love, I'll send you rock'n'roll. You can send it via airmail, e-mail or telepathy. I don't care.

Just like those guys at the fair used to holler, "Everybody's a winner!" I believe that. I love you.


  1. The love lottery huh ?.....gonna take a break before I spin the wheel again....peace, tp

  2. You would still sing if you got rich. Oh, and the heaven thing. Not a problem, there is a stairway.