Saturday, August 16, 2014

They're Here....

... and they're coming to take me away. I did a radio show today and, of course, I had to play a Nervous Norvus cut. Now my mind runs wildly and randomly through the catalog in my mind of novelty records.

I'll put my favorites up against any of your classical treasures or any of your precious jazz numbers any day.

Let me just tell you how proud I am to share my favorites with friends who have been deprived access to some of the best art. Take my pal, Pete Flynn. He was born and raised in Sheffield. Imagine my surprise to discover that Lonzo and Oscar apparently never got much airplay on the BBC. I guess those stuffy Brits were not raised in a barn.

Well, boys, today I can just mention "I'm My Own Grandpa" and Peter Flynn loses all control over his bodily functions and laughs for extended periods. Hey, I'm a laugher.

There is no reason to begin listing my favorites. I would just leave things off the list and kick myself later. Just a sampling though should always include:

Anything by Nervous Norvus, the Mad Magazine Laughing Record, the Chipmunk Song, Dick Holler's Put A Sack On Her Head, the Flying Saucer Record, Goodbye Old Booze by Homer and Jethro and, of course, I'm My Own Grandpa.

If you love enough and you laugh enough it will all work out fine. I love you.

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