Tuesday, August 26, 2014

"I Don't Sound Like Nobody, Sir"

If you're old enough you remember the first time that you heard Elvis on the radio. It was like nothing that had come before. If you're old, but not that old you remember the first Beatles' song that came out of the transistor radio. It made the hair on your arm stand up. You had to hear more.

On any given day you'll get a different answer from me about my favorite record. The ones that always come to mind are the ones that sounded like nothing I had ever heard before. You know the ones:

Bo Diddley
Peggy Sue 
I Want To Hold Your Hand
I Walk The Line
Tutti Frutti
Heartbreak Hotel
Wake Up Little Susie
Battle Of New Orleans

Yeah, my list is a little heavy on the '56-'64 dates. You can block out any decade and put together a list. Yours will probably depend on your age and the geography of where you grew up.

I want to make records like that.

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