Tuesday, April 22, 2014

What'll It Be?

It occurs to me that lots of problems arise from a lack of communication. You know, folks hedging their bets. Not expressing their real feelings. Well, I have decided that if the two bimbos on 2 Broke Girls can talk all smutty and get away with it on network TV, that I should be able to sit on the bus and talk about my physical needs. I should be able to hold my head up in Sunday school and bring up the subject of my secret desires. 

In the first place, why are they secret? I have always considered it my good fortune that nothing that floats my boat is illegal. Not in all fifty states, at least. I am all against anything involving victims. That takes care of any issues with minors and animals. I don't get very excited about anything that mixes pain or violence with good, dirty fun, either. Seems like a real contradiction to me. On the other hand, if someone promises to love me forever I'll consider letting them rough me up just a little. I'm anxious to make other folks happy.

There, I've said it. We don't have forever.

Happy Earth Day.

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