Friday, April 18, 2014

All Over But The Shouting

Well, sir, if you waste much of your precious time on this drivel of mine you know that I tend to obsess over endings, loss and good byes. In Sunday's New York Times Magazine, there will be an article about Paul Kingsnorth, a British scientist and writer who has given up hope that mankind has any chance of "saving" the earth as we know it.

I just happened to tune into an interview on NPR the other day and heard Paul Ehrlich, (remember him?), saying essentially the same thing.

Both of these heavyweight thinkers have concluded that it is disingenuous, at best, for these pop scientists to go around spouting plans to change our course of action in order to reverse the damage that is doing in our planet. Both conclude that we should do all we can to insure quality of life for the entire population without scheming to turn this train around.

So let me add to my list now: 

Rock-'n-roll is over.
Romance is gone.
The world is ending.

Oh well. Worrying seems inadequate. They can't stop love.

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