Sunday, April 20, 2014

My Shoes

We're always right, right? I listen to songs about revenge and clearly the girl just needed killing. War? Hey, God is on our side. Those other guys claimed he was on their side but they had the wrong god. Fuck 'em.

Rock'n'roll has been my vehicle for communication since I was a teenager. Funny, it has taken me this long to notice that I'm always the good guy. The victim. The one done wrong. Maybe it's a coincidence. I've written my history. I suppose some god was on my side. Now, I've heard some mean songs. Mine are meaner.

Let me now get down on one knee and apologize to every woman that I've ever wronged in song. While I'm at it, let me say that I'm sincerely sorry for every mean thought and every unkind word. I've had to look through the binoculars backwards to see that war is pretty much like any other conflict. There are no good wars. There are no good fights. We're all different. We've all been hurt by things that have shaped us and changed us. We all need love. Don't waste your time on the other stuff.

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