Friday, April 11, 2014

Hillbilly Chic

Maybe there's enough to learn from the sad ones, huh? My mom was full of love but she always had something of a victim's aura about her. I tried to spend my time with her and learn to go the other way. Sometimes I find myself struggling to keep the blues from the door. It always seems to help if I take inventory. I've had everything. I really can't put together any kind of bucket list. It's too late. I've never wished for anything that didn't end up in my life. You know all those nuts sitting there meditating on hundred dollar bills? I've never had to put that much effort into it.

All my heroes have come through my life. Most of them lived up to my wild expectations. In my selfish dreams I've coveted rare guitars and exotic hot rods. I've had them all. From the first time I ever held a girl's hand I've dreamed of holding the girl I love in my arms and knowing love. Real love. Maybe I should have studied more on making the love stay.

I've seen way more of the world than I ever thought I would and that's mostly because of playing rock'n'roll which is a grand gift in itself. Funny, with all that I've seen I live in the best place that I've come across. 

Oh, I have dreams. I want to save the planet and I want to stop war. That's kinda' like wanting to drink the oceans, though, isn't it? I want to save all the strays, too. Yeah, I know. You do what you can. Mostly I just want to play rock'n'roll and I still dream of holding a girl.

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