Thursday, October 24, 2013

When Gravity Gets You Down

Don't we all have a lot of making up to do. Never mind the native Americans and the descendants of slaves. What about the shy kid that you blew off in the hallway in junior high so that you wouldn't look bad to the cool kids. Let's think about the number of folks that you have told how much you love them, only to trash them to friends after the flame of romance has gone out. Oh, it's always their fault, isn't it?

Passed any truly needy homeless people on the streets lately and worked hard to avoid their gaze so that you wouldn't have to give them anything? Yeah, me too.

Seen any dogs or cats coming near the street and decided that you didn't have time to stop to help or that you might get your suit dirty.

Oh, I remain an optimist. I really believe that we inch along. The amount of love in your heart is kinda' like the number of brain cells. We don't use most of it. Go on, knock yourself out. Waste some. Waste a lot.

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