Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Come Save Me

As a kid I was fascinated with the ones who were "too old." You know- Big Joe Turner, Professor Longhair, Ernest Tubb. I always liked John Lee Hooker alright. Never a big favorite. Once he sat down on a chair and showed those nylon socks I was pulled in. All the way in.

Now, I find myself "too old." With my obscurity assured I have to question wearing silky shirts and blue suede shoes. I'm forced to wonder if a "beatle hairdo" is undignified for an old guy.

Then I calm myself by remembering that Benny Joy always showed up to meet me with his collar turned up in the back and something of a ducktail hanging over it. Benny had all the class in the world, especially as he got older. I miss him.

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