Thursday, October 3, 2013

Outlaws and Saints

Maybe Pope Francis will show us the way. As he continues to change and criticize the Catholic church we might take a lesson. Has our federal government become fat, selfish, dishonest and immoral? Polls would indicate that most of our citizenry believe just that. 

Nobody had to change the music industry. Clive and the guys looted the vaults on their way out. Suicide did that one. Oh, we have music. We go see it as background noise in bars and we download it for free off the internet.

Books? On the way out. Art? Yeah, to show that you're the wealthiest tycoon in Las Vegas. The rest of us just frame posters like we did as college students.

Seems like fertile ground for creativity and peaceful revolution to me. Use your love as a tool and as a weapon.

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