Sunday, April 28, 2013


Let me admit right off the bat that some of my business ideas have lacked a certain level of common sense, reality-based planning. Figure 8 Bicycle Racing never got off the ground. Let me say, in my defense, that if Princess Grace had lived, the grand opening in Monaco would have permanently changed the hoi polloi as we know it.

Over breakfast with my pal, Harry, this morning lightning struck again. Don't mail cash yet. I need to get a few legal details ironed out and my attorney is out of town.

My new non-profit, People For The Ethical Treatment Of Idiots, is my ticket out of this burg. Harry is, of course, begging to be my treasurer and cfo. When I pointed out that he is an idiot, he pointed out the logic. It's hard to argue with that kind of reasoning.

Soon you will be able to order t-shirts and tote bags with Harry's face. We will probably launch some kind of telethon soon after we get on Oprah or Conan or something. Meanwhile, be kind to the idiots in your life.

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