Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Lines In The Sand

So some guys decide that squiggly lines that they draw on maps determine what they own. If their ancestors killed someone else's family to take the land, so be it. Those same guys will determine which body of water separates one country from another  and who gets to come and go and how long they can stay. When my pals and I get fed up with the arrangement we call for a revolution so that we can become those guys.

We will allow the ones who think correctly to vote but we'll keep adjusting how the voting is conducted and how the votes are counted to make sure that the guys in power stay in power. Sometimes those other guys take the power for a bit. Nothing to worry about. They're on the same basic team.

When you add in the fact that war is their biggest pastime and most profitable endeavor the picture is complete. Oh yeah, we're still at #27 for infant mortality in this country. Now the picture is complete.

We will always justify all of this by reminding the others that God, Himself, is on our side. Those other pesky heathens make the same claim. Somebody's going to hell here, boy.

We'll change it with love but I hope you're not in a hurry.

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