Friday, April 12, 2013

Love Governor

Another day, another comic book light bulb over my head. As I bob spasmodically in the shallow end of the pool lost in my own version of water aerobics I keep an eye on the babies in the far lane learning to flip over onto their backs. This simple trick will save hundreds of kids each year. A baby will float. That's physics. If the baby floats face down, he drowns. If he picks up the instinct to flip over on his back he's safe in the water.

Well, you watch these little angels cry for their moms and it breaks your heart. The agony on the mothers' faces is obvious. Everybody knows it's for the best.

Once the little ones are placed back on the deck and bundled in beach blankets for security and warmth the joy is contagious.

Wow. It occurs to me that I'm witnessing pure love. 

Once we've been hurt, let down, lied to the whole game changes. From that point we love with a backup plan. Now we have a defensive team going. Unconditional love is over. Jealousy, control and suspicion take their place on the field. No good can come from this.

Me? I'm going back. I'm sacking the defense and loving the way I did as a kid. If I tell you that I love you, that's it. No strings, no conditions.

Oh yeah, I love you.

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