Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Reality Radio

Seems a shame that love is embarrassing, doesn't it? Need to torment a third grade boy? Nothing works better than, "Johnny's got a girlfriend! Johnny's got a girlfriend!"

Public displays of affection are common when romance is fresh and lust runs rampant. When things cool, as they will, couples behave in an appropriate fashion.

Running for office? Talk tough! Oh, love's okay. Love for flag. Love for country. Don't look weak, though.

Fashion comes, fashion goes. Sometimes fashion returns. My mom was obsessed with love. She was complicated and she was sensitive. Frequently too sensitive. Nobody left her side, though, without being told that she loved them. It was never some act that she had constructed. She loved.

She got it, of course, from my grandmother, Lottie. Except for the devil, himself, and the Von Brauners and their manager, "Gentleman" Saul Weingroff, Grandma loved everybody, too. She was good at it. Perfect in my eyes.

Now I see on cable news and in the New York Times that Christianity is under attack. Or Islam. Homosexuals, Mexicans.

It's love, pal. 

If I embarrass you by telling you that I love you, I'm sorry. If I make you uncomfortable with my babble, I apologize. I'm already unfashionable. Always have been.

Presidential politics is not as important as love. Neither is the stock market, the FBI, reality TV. When I'm gone I'm afraid that I'll be remembered as failing at romance. That's okay. You don't have to tell 'em that I was good at love but I would appreciate it if you would say that I worked hard at it.

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