Friday, June 17, 2016

Hillbilly Chemicals

Maybe I have a chemical imbalance. I seem to have too much joy cursing through my veins. Colors seem far too vivid and every single one, every hue, every tone is my favorite. I don't listen to much music but every song draws me in. Beautiful melodies float through my brain and I get some idea of how the mockingbird does it.

Oh, I'm not oblivious to the hate, the tragedy. The news on television has been particularly sad for the last few days and it's hard to ignore the ignoble tone of political rhetoric from narcissistic blowhards who seek power from our votes.

If my head was buried in the sand, though, I would miss the glorious bounty that seems to wash right up to my feet regularly. I know that I'm using up more than my share of good luck and love. Keep an eye on the puppies, the babies. Your innocence is intact. Open it with love.

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