Sunday, April 10, 2016

Safe and Sorry

It's all fascinating enough, I suppose, if you give it enough attention. Then again, I'm pretty sure that all the great mysteries are solved right on the surface. Einstein and Beethoven seemed to have seen it all right there on that top level.

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  1. A woman I knew had worked on the Miami Herald in her younger days and used to go to the same bar about 5 times a week. And Hemingway saw her in there and asked who she was and what she did. And took her under his wing when he could, He gave her signed copies of his books, inscribed to her. She lived with her drunken aunt around then, and when she moved up north, she left a lot of her stuff in her aunt's attic. When she went back for it, her drunken aunt had tossed it on the lawn and set it on fire because she didn't like the idea of her attic being fun. Every time my friend told me about Hemingway, first she'd cry and call him Papa, then hit her stride and reminisce for awhile, then, like backing out of a driveway, the stories always went back to her drunken aunt. And she'd cry again. Then she'd pull out beers and 151 rum and feel happy again.