Saturday, April 16, 2016

Place Smiley Emoticon Here

Pretty much everything I do is stream of consciousness. It's all I can do. My attention span matches a Little Richard 45, somewhere around two minutes and ten seconds. Coincidence? I'll leave that to you.

While this is on my mind I need to share it with you: This is the happiest I've ever been.You optimists out there should remember that we're all incurable. We're all dying. This is the party, Bozo. Don't be caught waiting for happiness, fulfillment, enlightenment.

I'm packing up to go play rock'n'roll for people I love. With people I love. Downside? I'll have to be away from Jamaica and the Angel for several hours.

You hear that? Smell that? Feel that? That's love! Great googly moogly!

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