Friday, September 4, 2015

Sit! Good Boy!

So, I was spoiled with loads of unconditional love. I wish that on everyone. Lately I've been thinking about some of the sources that don't always come to mind when I'm counting my blessings and saying my prayers. The ones with four legs.

Oh, how I miss Goldie and Sparkle. Prince and Puddles, too. The other Prince and Rusty. Luv, Bo, Harry S., Wolfgang. I miss Hugo, Charcoal, Kitty Kelly, Orangie Boy and Mama Kitty and Boo and Kokamo and Cuba. I miss all the guinea pigs and hamsters and goldfish, too. Lord knows how many I'm leaving out. Sage, Suzie, Baby and Tina for example.

Sometimes I wish I believed in heaven.

All of the love you can handle is right down at the closest adoption center. We can't all bring home a Syrian refugee right now. We can all share our hearts with a rescue pet. Love is all you need.

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