Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Chartreuse and Fuchsia

Oh, the stories I could tell. Sometimes I embarrass myself rattling off the names of hotshots and rock'n'roll stars, rich folks and politicians as though my proximity to these folks somehow makes me special. I'm always aware that I've just maintained a good spot along the parade route. Life, I think they call it.

The good stories are about Bubba and Ronald Ponce de Leon, Bud Hawkins, Laura Moose, Nubbin Davenport and Warren Novak, Wolfgang Pieker and Eddie Cook, Dale Wilson and Ed Brown. Oh and the dogs and the cats and the rodents.

I've heard music so sweet that I tear up thinking about it. I can summon some of it whenever I want. I've seen famous pieces of art at MOMA but I saw brown fingerpainting when I was six that I've never gotten over.

Love? I have burned through my soul with it. I have no regrets in the world except for ever hurting anyone else.

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