Sunday, September 6, 2015

God And Love And Biology

Sunday morning and I wake up with religion on my mind. Everything seems clear, so obvious. Maybe it's all those Facebook quotes:

"Jesus wasn't a Christian. Buddha wasn't a Buddhist. Mohamed wasn't a Muslim. They all taught love."

Maybe it's Edward O. Wilson or Paramahansa Yogananda or Alan Watts. Of course there are shades of Grandma and Teresa and Jimmy Carter and Reverend Simmons and Wolfgang in the mix.

I do know this- there is no jealous god. If a perfect god made man in his image and man destroys the earth with greed and hate, the story doesn't hold up. Believe me I am very much aware of what a childish, immature take this is. Jesus said, "Suffer the little children to come unto me." I sit at the children's table. Proudly.

There's no way that man was created with a talleywhacker and woman with a hooha so that we could get into mortal trouble playing with them.

Don't try to explain to me that we have taken the lands of folks with beliefs different from ours because God thought it was a good idea or that we march young people into war after war with God on our side. When innocent children perish in every skirmish, lessons are not being learned. If a god condones any war, anywhere, ever it involves paintball. I promise.

This reads as something of an irreverent, sarcastic rant. I'm aware of that. It's just my style or would be if I had a style. I bring this message from all those folks who stood up for what they knew in their heart and I bring it with all the love I've got in my own heart.


  1. Amen from a hillbilly from Kentucky where God decides who can and can't marry in 'Morehead', the county seat of Rowan County which is close to 'Big Bone Lick' State Park just outside of Beaverlick.