Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Roll Over Pythagoras, Tell Bo Diddley The News

Seems old Pythagoras probably gets too much credit. Ellas McDaniel, or Bo Diddley, will never get enough. My mom took me to the armory in 1956 to see him. Bo Diddley, not Pythagoras. I was fascinated that he wore glasses. I was thrilled every time he sang his own name, too. I still mix up Bo Diddley and Hey, Bo Diddley.

Years later he wanted to produce my band. The fact that we never got around to it probably makes a better story.

I did eventually sing my own name.

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  1. Lucky me, got to see Bo Diddley play in 93 up in Cedar Key.....At a place Called the Hard Dock.... Amen and wooo hooo! What a memory.