Saturday, July 11, 2015


Oh, yeah. The rock'n'roll. The conduit for all my lessons and I never knew it. Just like putting the dog's medicine in a dollop of peanut butter, huh? The secrets of the universe have been passed along to me through lust and drugs and Sunday school.

I don't know much but I know more than I did. The rings. The light. The aromas. The most special folks in the world have crossed my path. Maybe I should say the most special ones for me.

So Elvis crossed that path. Yeah, he did. It was through no doing of mine. I realize that now. Chuck Berry did, too. Jimi Hendrix and Gene Vincent and Doug Sahm, too.

It would be arrogant to refer to myself as "special." Either that or an indication that I'm intellectually challenged. Well, I'm special. Yeah, that's right, I'm special. Everyone is. Every living creature.

Here's pretty much what I know. White is the combination of all the visible frequencies of the color spectrum. Black, of course, is the void; the absence of all light. Love is the combination of all truth. Hate is the void, ignorance.

Einstein knew it. Gandhi knew it. You can tell everybody. Better yet you can just love.

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