Sunday, May 17, 2015

The Modern Luddite

Close one. I just came thisclose to ordering an I Phone 6 and starting service with CREDO so that I could support progressive causes. Then, two minutes later I narrowly avoided taking myself off Facebook and scrubbing my blog.

We're all moved and motivated by advertising and peer pressure, some of us more than others. I'm surely no exception. I've said before, though, that I'm not hip. Every now and again I'm fashionable for a brief time. That's when fashion moves my way, usually. There are times when something brand new comes along and I sense that it's for me.

Hey, I'm not bragging. I don't have good taste. I don't have bad taste. I just have taste and I'm stubborn.

I suppose that I didn't order the phone because I don't need it. I don't want it either. What if I became one of those souls scrolling through e-mails at the counter in the diner. When I try to justify it in my mind with GPS it occurs to me that I don't go anywhere.

Oh, I would like to get a new car, too. I drive a 2001 Toyota that I got from my ninety eight year old aunt when she decided to quit driving. Great car. If I really go deep I suppose that it seems that I will never attract a woman with this car. It's the most boring automobile that I've ever owned and it may be the last car that I'll ever own. Then it dawns on me that I wouldn't want anything to do with any woman who judged people on the cars that they drove.

As for the blog and Facebook, for now, nothing changes. The more outdated those things are, the more fun they seem. Matches my hairdo.