Saturday, March 28, 2015

Now That I'm Old

Maybe it started when I did "Born In 1947." Not much of a song, really. Just an excuse to sing my own name. I was always fascinated as a kid when Bo Diddley would shout out of my radio, "Hey, Bo Diddley."

Then I used the word, "panties," in "I Watched Her Tango." I had never been able to make myself utter such a thing. Funny thing is that I have found that to be one of my most requested songs. I've never played it live. I think the only time it was ever performed was when we recorded it in the studio. Is it because of the word? Beats me.

Now I find myself referring to women in my life as "Sweetie" or "Darling." Oh, I don't mean to be disrespectful in any way. I truly worship the folks in my life. Lots of my pals have become "Pal" or "Buddy" in my conversations. Some are even "Brother" on certain occasions. Terry Ware is always "Brother" but, then again, he's Terry Ware.

My point here is, I think, I'm old. Oh, sure I care what some of you think about me. Not much I can do about it, though. At this point in life I say what I want to say. When I want to say it. I love you. I say that often and I plan to say it more.

I love you.

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