Sunday, March 15, 2015

He Was Mean To Me

My take on this "life" stuff is that it's all easy once you figure out your role. Or maybe some of us slow learners just get given the easy jobs. Either way, it has taken me decades to come up with a clue as to why I'm here. 

How many times have I bored you with the idea that my mission in life is rock'n'roll. Well, that's not entirely untrue. Maybe I should say that rock'n'roll is my go-to tool. My simple task is to open my heart. Completely. Love is the key and rock'n'roll has been my method. If I have a mantra, I suppose that it might be, "A wop bop a loo bop!"

My clumsy personal life has often clouded my vision and stood in my way. My romances crumble, my bands dissolve, my records stiff and my pets die. I gotta be honest with you; I don't need any more character.

Looking back, I've been hurt because of other folks' hurt, fear and disappointment. Nobody has ever been mean to me. Ever. I suppose it will sound like I'm bragging if I claim to see through people's facades. Reminds me of claims of clairvoyance or aura reading.

Sometimes my relationships are forged with a spirit that has protective layers, disguising the real human being. Oh, I've been mean. Let me down, hurt my feelings or question my motives and I've lashed out. I've done damage. When I've been hurt, boy, I've done some hurting.

Okay, so where does that all leave me? They gave Einstein and Beethoven and Mother Teresa big jobs that they knew they could handle. I've been given this small task. I'm not playing it down. It's vital. I love you.

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