Monday, February 2, 2015

Time Not To Care

You know me. The guy who still doesn't feel right at the grown up table. I hurry to explain that I can't sing on key and that I really can't play anything. Something compels me to turn myself in before I'm discovered.

Plenty of friends have tried to explain that I spend far too much time in my head. They're right, of course.

And now, here I am. No need to defend myself. Oh yeah, I've done plenty of things that I shouldn't have and I've created scripts in my head and in my heart to make it all someone else's fault. Of course I've been blamed for being the one hurt and the one used, too. So?

It really is time to get good at playing by myself and being happy with all of my blessings. Boy, I hope to have helped some creatures here on the planet before it's all said and done. All we really have is love. It won't buy any presidential elections, grammys or Super Bowls but it is the original renewable resource.

You're truly lucky if you realize just how lucky you are. The sweetest folks and the best dogs and cats have given me some of their kindness and time and love. My songs and my memories make up my treasure. I don't need any insurance, thanks.

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