Sunday, February 8, 2015

The Good Wars

So the Jews and the Arabs remind me more of cowboys and indians every day. Believe me, I can see that it reads as though I'm making light of an incredibly sensitive situation. I surely don't mean to do anything like that. Greed, ignorance and intolerance are behind all wars in my opinion. Someone wants more than their share, perceives that God is on their side and uses whatever means is necessary to get the other guy's part.

Who's the good guy?

Depends on who "wins" the war. They write the history books. Good guys fight in wars. They're usually the offspring of folks who don't start the fights.

Does it sound like I'm being disrespectful here? Fine. My grandmother, who didn't have a high school education, understood this.

It is my opinion that not many folks seeking to help others and make the world a better place go into politics. While I'm calling people out here, not many hotshots at BP are working so that we can have a higher standard of living, either. Don't get me started on investment bankers and lawyers. Television evangelists, either.

If I sound grumpy here, I'm not. It's my job to save the world. It doesn't pay much. If I stand for anything it's peace and truth and love. I love you. I love my job.

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