Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Hep Cats and Pipe Dreams

Let it flow. That's my advice. Let it flow. It's all gonna happen, no matter what we do. Get out of the way and enjoy the show. Say goodbye to the NFL. Rock'n'roll left the building a long time ago. We don't really need Nostradomus to read the darned writing on the wall, do we?

The internet changed the world more rapidly and more dramatically than the industrial revolution ever could. Now you can keep working a job that you hate to buy stuff that you don't need to impress folks that you don't like or you can move towards the light. 

It's all energy in one form or another and love comes the closest that we can get to giving it meaning. Maybe it's time to run the universe yourself. The pope is on the cover of Rolling Stone. We don't need to be told what is and what is not hep. Will work for love and I suggest that you should, too.

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  1. just in case you care to know...I, as well as many others-I'm sure, love reading your blog and watching your funky videos...thank you for sharing a piece of yourself