Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Continued Blathering

"Benny, this is Ronny Elliott. Ronny, Benny Joy."

Well, my heart skipped a beat. Benny had always been a hero and here I was shaking the hand of my favorite rockabilly star. My pal, Bill Mason, was making the introductions. I was sitting at the piano and the conversation quickly turned to songs.

When Benny asked me to play him something of mine I don't know why this one came to mind. We had never even played it much. Spencer and I had written it together around 1966 or so. Maybe  I thought of this one because we had written it on piano.

Over the years Benny and I got to be big buddies. he often told me of his exchanges with Elvis and Elvis telling him that he was going to record "Sincerely, Your Friend," Benny's beautiful ballad.

Benny always told me that he was going to record "Heartbreak Eyes."

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