Thursday, February 20, 2014

Circle The Wagons

What does that mean, circle the wagons? Oh, I know what it means but only from old cowboy movies. I once marveled at the changes that my grandmother witnessed over her lifetime. When she was born, in Warrior, Alabama, in 1889 the automobile was only a couple of years old. There certainly were none in Alabama!

The veterans that they had to worry about were from the Civil War. She lived through world wars I and II, the Korean Conflict and Viet Nam. She hated them all. 

She was around for Rudy Vallee, Frank Sinatra, Elvis and the Beatles. Oh, she loved Elvis. She once made him a coconut cake and he bragged about it in an interview later.

All of my world views can be traced to what she taught me. Love is the answer to every question. War is bad. Either it's really, really simple or she was just a wonderful teacher.
Grandma, Elvis and Mom

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