Thursday, December 19, 2013

Money and Time

A couple of unrelated incidents yesterday gave me a little self-understanding that I didn't really know that I was looking for. Okay, I know. I've just ended another sentence with a preposition. Let me get on with my story, please.

At a wonderful birthday celebration for a beautiful friend I played a few songs. Really enjoyed it, too. When the hostess insisted that I take a few bucks for my trouble I felt guilty and uncomfortable. Of course I realize that my accountant and my dentist and my attorney are all pals now. I wouldn't dream of having them take care of me for free.

Correspondence through Facebook brought gratitude for knowing hurt and expressing heartbreak. A new friend wrote to thank me for sharing what can't really be shared. True despair that comes from love lost.

It almost makes it easy to understand what has kept me on this journey for all this time. Originally I insisted that I was in it to "pick up girls." After decades of no girls, I had to give that one up. Yeah, of course, I had plans for fame and wealth. Ha! Might as well have planned to pick up girls. 

Every now and then some sweet soul lets me know that I have reached into their heart and I know that I'm well compensated. For those of you with more discriminating taste, go listen to something else. I'm not talking to you. Happy holidays.

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