Saturday, December 21, 2013

Heroes Where You Find Them

Well, yeah, sometimes I wish I were an anarchist. Maybe that's the less than subtle message of Imagine. The horror of John Lennon's murder serves as a reminder that we need laws and we need for some among us to be taken off the street. As much as I dream of perfect freedom, I have to say, I'm aware that there are folks out there who will steal my wallet. I'm counting the ones on Wall Street and K Street here, too.

Whatever your feelings about Edward Snowden, you have to admit, he's opened lots of new cans of worms. We're all reminded that while we don't have resources to feed our homeless children or climb out of the infant mortality cellar, we can manage to pay to get every record of every phone call that any of us make.

Isn't it perfectly obvious by now that the next "big one" will be fought in cyberspace, not in the trenches? Yet our military budget still funnels fortunes into big old boats and airplanes. We need a government that fixes the mess that we've put together over decades, not one that takes care of war profiteers. We don't have to put those greedy jerks out of work. Let's pay them a minimum wage to plant trees, patch bridges, fetch bedpans. Let's get them healthcare, too.

I know a great story when I hear one. I don't have to be labeled anything special to appreciate a celebration of a Prince of Peace.


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