Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Pretty Ones

The walls in my house are chartreuse and pink and other colors that don't move off of the Sherwin Williams shelves all that often. When I was a kid I sometimes "layered" my baseball caps, too. Who says that you have to wear them one at a time? They're not the boss of me.

Have you ever noticed that we go to the islands and gasp at the beauty of the brightly colored shacks and shanties. We come home and paint our fortresses beige or taupe or some other shade approved by the neighborhood association.

Life's too short as it is. Don't wear black just because some self-appointed hipster in Brooklyn got the idea from some self-important bore from Germany who found an old photo of a beatnik in the village.

In 1965 I was sent out by the band with all of our money to bring home material for our new outfits to be made. I came home with yards and yards of fuchsia crushed velvet. I'm pretty sure that they huddled to consider a new bass player. Wouldn't have gotten their money back. Well, those suits were a bigger hit than the band. I wish I had mine back.

Don't wait for St. Patty's. Wear green today. Chartreuse, in fact. Pair it up with two caps, one fuchsia. Wait til you see how good you feel. Tell everyone you see how special they are and love with all your heart.

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