Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Looking back, I guess I've overhauled this thing at least four or five times. I never go for anything other than just exactly who I am or, at least, who I think I am. Elvis provided the model for the first one that I can remember and I suppose that's still the main operating system. 

Of course the Beatles forced an update. I guess Father Time makes me think that it's time to roll out the new, improved program. 

I've heard rock'n'roll that was so sweet and so perfect that it changed the world. If you're The Boss I guess you can push it to six hour sets and maybe jump off balconies instead of amps. Oh, wait. James Brown did that decades ago. Last century.

No, I just want to get right down to the core. My "act" disintegrated years ago. That's really me out there on the stage now. Somehow I need to let even more show. I long for an intimacy with an audience that lasts beyond a show. Maybe that's why I waste my time and yours with this dribble.

I'm fixing the rest of my life, too. I finally get it. You don't make it happen; you let it happen.

Love with all of your heart. Now love harder.

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