Wednesday, March 6, 2013

All The Gold

If it glitters I've owned it. She left that note on the windshield, "I guess you won." I never even recognized the romance. Cult artist? What does that mean? I never know if I'm being insulted, patronized or complimented. Well, I'm pretty sure it's not usually meant as a compliment. Be careful what you wish for, right?

Okay, then, here we go. World peace and a new hairdo, kinda' like that one that the guy in the movie with Robert DeNiro has.

1 comment:

  1. DeNiro and haircuts. We wetched "True Confessions" the other night, in which DeNiro plays a priest and Robert Duvall plays his brother the cop.
    The movie is pure-dee impeccable, but what nailed me more than anything ways DeNiro's priestly haircut.
    Perfect fifties, okay late '40's. But perfect.