Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Everything I Touch

When you let go of ego and preconceived notions it becomes easier to rid yourself of old, bad habits. I guess that I have always thought of myself as "right" somehow. I suppose that we all do to some extent. How, then, do we ever explain the concept of changing our minds?

All that baloney about learning everything you need to know in kindergarten, remember that? Well, I never went to kindergarten. Really. To think that I may have ever hurt anyone based on my ignorance and pre-conceived notions is rough.

I am working to open my mind and I'm sitting back to watch my heart open wider. Let's end war and feed the hungry. Let's take care of the ones who need our help. I don't want to put on a tie and go to an office. I want to change the world. Let's listen to rock'n'roll and let's love like crazy. We're in charge here.

1 comment:

  1. You put on a great show Ronny. I saw you at a house party a little more than a year past here in Tampa.

    You have a gift. You entertain without pushing yourself on the audience and you provoke people to break into involuntary thought and reflection. You do your thing and we're drawn in. Your message rings loud and true I believe because you live what you write and sing.

    Do you get much feedback from bands or performers covering your material? You're a tough act to follow but it sure would be great to see others joining in and sharing the movement. The time is right.