Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Invention Of Glass

The ringing of the phone woke me up. It was a phone solicitor from Men With Erections Lasting For More Than Four Hours or something. They're having a truck in my neighborhood next week and they want my old clothes. Well, in fact, they don't but they think they do. My girlfriend would be thrilled if they took them all away but I don't think any charity cases would wear them.

The mockingbirds were singing and I was having weird dreams. Jamaica wouldn't get up. She's too happy on her new bed. The beautiful weather puts me at risk for the blues but I'm feeling too good to let anything muck up my brain chemistry today. I seem to identify with the lizards trying to soak up the rays on the sidewalk.

Some days I worry that none of us make things any more. Today I'm just thankful that somebody ever came up with 4/4 time. Yeah, I know that it was around way before Earl Palmer ever took a breath but just listen to the opening of Keep A Knockin', will you? Great God!

Share your joy. Give away your love.

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