Sunday, November 11, 2012

What Did I Miss?

If I could accept things as they are life would get easy, right? I suppose I'm one of those fools who misses out on plenty while I'm distracted worrying about what might have been.

There's always something tumbling out of my mouth or finding its way into a song about war and peace or saving the world. Put me alone in the woods for an hour and it's all about me and my poor old broken heart. Now, I don't feel sorry for myself and there's not much that I would do differently if I could. It's just that I want my way. I want everyone to think right. That is, think like I do. I want to be loved. A lot. I believe that we should be kind and I don't see why we need to wear these clothes. I guess you could say I'm spoiled but I have good intentions. By my standards, that is. By my standards, though, we wouldn't have war and the world wouldn't need saving.

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